Graphical Behaviour Recording & Analysis Software
Graphical Behaviour Recording & Analysis Software

Advanced Behaviour Analysis Software

Caresoft was formed in 1999. Working with key customers within the care home sector and from education, we developed our flagship product eclipse2000. It's a software product that runs on Microsoft Windows and records details about incidents of behaviour. In addition, it uses a visual interface - in the form of bar and pie graphs - to communicate patterns in behaviour. This allows the rapid determination of subtle trends which is crucial in the decision making process to manage behaviour.


Eclipse2000 has been in use for many years now and is mature in its feature set and very stable. This is important as most new ideas when converted into software take a considerable time to become mature and genuinely useful. We also support customers in a timely fashion to allow them to maximise the value of their investment in eclipse200. This includes arranging additional training for new staff or telephone support to guide them in using the product. Under the annual support contract, Caresoft support their customers to use eclipse2000 successfully and without drama. This is how we would like all software to be - low key and supporting a more significant function - in this case that of managing challenging behaviour in educational environments and care establishments.

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