Graphical Behaviour Recording & Analysis Software
Graphical Behaviour Recording & Analysis Software


Our flagship product is called eclipse2000. This advanced software product allows you to record a comprehensive description of an incident of (usually untoward) behaviour. This is a useful function but our system really excels when it comes to the analysis of its database of behavioural incidents. For example, in any given environment (such as education) behaviours usually have a patten associated with them. A student (or pupil / client) may become aggitated when certain other individuals are in their presence. Over time, the incidents that take place form a valuable body of evidential data that can be analysed with a view to making informed decisions designed to manage that behaviour. You only have to take an example such as bullying to readily appreciate the value of proactive behaviour management.


With eclipse2000, you can analyse behaviour at the organisation level - i.e. the number of incidents that took place last week/month/term. You can also look more closely at what happened, where, who was involved and so on. There are hundreds of potential parameters you can specify. It is also very easy to use eclipse2000 to review behaviour at the individual level. As an example, you can look at a pupil's escalating tantrums over the time they've been at school and explore if this is happening during specific lessons, or at certain times of the day and so on. There are a vast array of variables that can be explored and eclipse2000 makes it easy, and fast, to achieve this.


Finally, as part of the adoption of eclipse2000 into your school or care setting, Caresoft will work with you to ensure that your means of reecording behaviour  - a paper form or book typically - is as structured and comprehensive as it needs to be. We have worked with many customers over the years and have amassed a wealth of experience to be able to share good practice with new customers now for their considerable benefit.


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We offer a free 45 minute product demonstration at a time and date to suit you. There is no hard selling, we simply show you eclipse2000 in operation so that you can assess how flexible and easy to use it really is. It will become apparent how little time it takes to perform the kinds of behavioural analysis that all teachers, managers and parents would say is an integral part of the educational process today.


We look forward to hearing from you.

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